Official Bio

Originally from Drummondville, Quebec, Dan is a passionate, serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor. Born in 1976, at the same time as the Montreal Olympics, Dan first learned the principles of running a business by watching his hardworking parents operate their dry cleaning outlet that had been founded by his grandfather in 1948. Inspired by his parents’ success, Daniel launched his first landscaping company at the age of 10. The business was rather profitable; even after paying his employees, Dan was able to pay himself a respectable $20 / hour salary, which in those days was quite a sum. Unfortunately, Dan’s early success was short-lived, when at the young age of 12 he received a letter from the lawyer of a local landscaping company accusing him of stealing customers, asking him to close the business based on the fact that he didn’t have a valid tax number. That said, Dan had learned a valuable business lesson at a young age.

In high school, he attended Claretain College, where he graduated after spending 5 years sleeping in a 200 people dormitory. In 1997, he earned a 3-year college degree in Art & Technology of Media from Jonquiere College. In 1999, he successfully completed the Montreal HEC University Business Management Program.

With entrepreneurial blood running through his veins, Dan decided to partner up with three well-established and well-known radio hosts to purchase his very own radio station. Since Dan was one of the only available candidates that relished the idea of getting up at 5 am, he was the perfect fit for the station’s morning man. With his partners, he rebuilt the radio station into a successful business that is still in operation today. Daniel remains a proud shareholder of that business.

In his early 20s, Dan relocated to Montreal and quickly found work hosting three radio shows at different radio stations. He founded, an innovative radio show launched in 2000 – featuring new initiatives such as the implementation of webcams, live chat, and podcasts. Moving forward, he leveraged the name of his radio show,, to launch his own Internet Service Provider in 2001. By 2003, according to Mediametrix stats, was listed as one of the top 15 most visited French websites in Canada and remains, to this day, the largest independent French Internet service provider nationally. Hosting the morning show from 5 to 10 am, running a business from 10 to 7 pm, and attending business school during evenings was Dan’s new reality.

The success of his website business then caused Corus Entertainment to take notice. They reached out to him and Dan became Corus Entertainment’s New Media Director. His new job led him to create online media portals, where he would create the vision for each property and then fulfilled the projects by outsourcing the work to his own company. As his company continued to grow, large organizations approached it to create their own web presence, including the Montreal Canadians Hockey Team.

In 2006, Dan sold his web firm to the media division of a Fortune Global 500®. His time spent in the service industry taught him a valuable lesson: that the daily grind of chasing projects, each having their share of different client expectations and needs, was not something he wanted to do forever. Dan turned his focus to recurring revenue models, which gave him the potential of being much more profitable. This change of heart led him to his next startup: StreamTheWorld.

StreamTheWorld provides streaming technology to online broadcasters. Today, the company streams the majority of North American radio stations and has clients like Spotify and Pandora. StreamTheWorld was acquired in 2009 by Triton Digital based in California, though near 100 of its employees are still in Montreal to this day.

Dan has also been involved in other projects such as Mobilito, Frank & Oak, Sonder, Têtes à Claques’, just to name a few. In 2008, he founded Neotech Capital, a business incubator with a model like Y-Combinator and TechStars. He has also invested in promising entrepreneurs as an angel investor and helped them build their own successful businesses. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in the digital field, Dan has become a recognized leader in Montreal’s investment and technology industry.

Dan latest venture is PasswordBox. Within 2 years, Dan scaled the company from 2 to 50 employees; culminating a whopping 15 million users. In December 2014, PasswordBox was acquired by Intel. For 3 years Dan has been the Chief Innovation Officer of Intel Security Identity division. Since September 2017, Dan Robichaud is the Managing Partner of Diagram, a 30M launchpad for the most exciting ventures in Fintech and Insurtech.