Dan is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor.  His first company was acquired in 2006 by a Global Fortune 500®.  He went on to start and exit 5 other technology companies. His latest venture is PasswordBox, which was acquired by Intel in December 2014.  He is a Limited Partner in 7 VC funds and he is an angel investor in more than 65 promising start-ups.  For 3 years, Dan has been the Chief Innovation Officer of Intel Identity division.  Dan Robichaud has been for several years the Managing Partner of Diagram Ventures a launchpad for the most exciting ventures in Fintech and Insurtech.

Before his entrepreneurial days, he started as a radio show host on the biggest Canadian radio station CKOI where he pioneered RSS audio podcasting.

Specialties: AI, Growth Hacking, Digital Strategy, Product Management, Merger and Acquisition.

Professional Passions: Fintech, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, Impact Investing

Personal Passions:
SnowBoarding, KiteSurfing, Wine Tasting, Globe-Trotting.